Don't Think You Can Read 21 Books This Year?

The 21 Books Challenge makes it


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Let's Position You to not just survive but to Thrive for the future, we need to be ready to embrace the challenges, opportunities & Possibilities coming our way. To do that we need to focus on 3 areas; Basic Growth Principles, Mindset & Resilience and productivity. The 21 Books Challenge Does Exactly That. The result? 
You will FEEL Good, THINK Better & BE your Best!

This is WHAT YOU'LL GET...

  • You'll GET to READ a PDF Summary of Growth Thoughts from each book.
  • ​You'll GET to WATCH a Video Summary of the Growth Thoughts.
  • You'll GET to LISTEN an Audio Summary of the Growth Thoughts.
  • ​​You'll GET to DIGEST on Any Device. Any Time. Anywhere.
  • ​You'll GET to DISCUSS with our Private Members Community to embed.
  • ​​You'll GET to SCHEDULE & digest each book every 2 weeks over 42 weeks.
  • You'll GET to EXECUTE with your Action Steps guide. 
  • You'll GET a SUMMARY of each book and not the physical book.

Please note you don't get physical copies of each book 

All to FEEL Good, THINK Better & BE Your Best!

JOIN The Challenge Today & 
Claim These 4 Bonus Products...

Bonus #1 - eg Magazine Subscription PLUS The Contributors Training Series

"entrepreneurial Thinking, engaging Tales, effective Tools & essential Tips to experience growth FASTER & expect to go FURTHER"

Total Value: £582

Our New Year 2021 issue is packed with 120 pages of entrepreneurial Thinking, engaging Tales, essential Tools and effective Tips to help you experience growth in every area of your life as an entrepreneur. For this issue, we provide you with the added value of the Training Bundle from our Sensational Six Contributors.

Bonus #2 - the GROWhow experience Course

"A journey to Discover, Define & Deliver your BiG ideas"

Total Value: £97

All the people we look up to had it. They talked about it. They lived for it. They worked for it. They all sacrificed for it. Even when no one else got it. Eventually, they all experienced it. What is it? It is a BiG idea. You, too, have one locked inside of you. Start this journey to find yours...

Bonus #3 - THE DIVINE9 Online Course

"9 Profound Questions to Unlock your Growth Potential, Possibilities and Practices.' "

Total Value: £47

This course will help you to understand the 9 Questions & 3 Secrets to exposing, expecting & experiencing growth which is designed for you to discover your IDENTITY, define your INTENT & deliver your IMPACT.

Bonus #4 - the GROWhow formula eBook

"This eBook gives you 7 Essential Principles to ignite your BiG ideas"

Total Value: £7

Tried & Tested Essential Principles that have worked for people who have made significant impact across the globe from Adele Adkins to Madiba Mandela to Zinedine Zidane. You too can be added to the list. You just have to apply the formula...

 Here's EVERYTHING You Get When You 
JOIN The Challenge Today!

  • ​ eg Magazine PLUS Contributors Training                   (£582 Value)
  • the GROWhow experience Online Course                  (  £97 Value)
  • The DIVINE 9 Online Course                                               (   £47 Value)
  • ​the GROWhow formula eBook PLUS Video               (      £7 Value)

Total Value:      £733

When You JOIN NOW 

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 Digesting These 21 Books will cause you to implement a Growth Mindset, improve your Resilience and increase your Productivity...  

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